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I miss you much,
Like a desert misses water.
You don’t have to
Love me or not,
All I want you is to stay.
Miss me or not,
Don’t leave,

Hold my hand

In Life, Love, People on 10/30/2015 at 1:07 am


come to me sweetheart
stand by my side.

i can stand
in the way of the wind
but we can stop it,
if you hold my hand

run to me babe
i can help the blind
find their way
but we can be eye for them,
if you hold my hand

be here my dear
i can buy a lunch
for a homeless,
and, even find him a shelter
but we can eliminate hunger,
if you hold my hand

rush to me my love
i can plant a tree
in my back yard
but we can give life
to deserts and color them
with your gorgeous green eyes,
if you hold my hand

fly to me honey
i can speak in love
and, even tell it in russian
but we can be ever happy,
if you hold my hand


No doubt

In Agony, Beliefs, Life, Love, Mystery, People on 10/25/2015 at 1:34 am


i could not decode it,
maybe hidden
in your dreamy eyes
that covered my soul.
could it be written
on the paper
i just tossed into trash.
how stupid i am!
I could not read the message
like typed in Sanskrit
maybe it was
in your text,
that never hit my phone.
don’t question.
just look around.
i’m just right here,
up and proud.
no doubt on
what i feel.
as it’s blessed
with your warmth,
engraved in my heart,
raise your head and look,
don’t you see ?
i love you,

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